Harbor School Overview

The Harbor Method Overview

Faculty and staff use a rigorous curriculum, proven teaching strategies and student management practices that support the intellectual, social, emotional and character development of children.

Climate of High Expectations

Teachers maintain high expectations while providing differentiated instruction for students who need additional support or who need to be challenged more.

A school-wide system of tiered interventions supports academic and behavioral success.  

Students know that their teachers have high expectations for their academic accomplishments and for their conduct.  

Safe, Orderly and Caring Environment

The school has a focus on kindness and creates a positive and supportive environment for children to learn and grow. Students have opportunities to learn how to demonstrate kindness to others.

Expectations for conduct are shared throughout the school. School personnel intentionally create a structure that provides clear and consistent expectations for students and supports a positive peer culture.

Conduct expectations are taught at the beginning of the year. Students learn “Rules and Reasons” to understand how their conduct influences other students and their school.

Classroom teachers in grades 1-6 select a Citizen of the Week and a Citizen of the Month to recognize and celebrate character development and citizenship.

Student Engagement and Learning

Teachers follow the Common Core State Standards and the Boise School District Curriculum.  

Teachers use a variety of research based best practices in their instruction.

Teachers use the Boise Instructional Model as the basis of the lesson design.

Administrative Leadership

The principal uses natural opportunities to teach, model, and acknowledge student success and visits classrooms frequently.

The principal is a visible leader.  Classroom visits, school supervision, and relationship building with students and families are a priority.  

Parent Engagement

A school newsletter provides current information about school events and upcoming dates.

Learning Together Workshops and other opportunities are provided for parents to learn about the school’s curriculum, instructional methods, homework, and ways they can support their child’s learning at home.

Parents are encouraged to be involved in Owyhee’s Parent Teacher Organization.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer in various ways to enhance the school’s effectiveness.

Parents support their children in their homework and to reinforce personal responsibility. To make homework a student responsibility and family friendly, homework assignments are predictable and manageable.

Parents are asked to model school rules when volunteering or visiting during school hours.  School personnel share responsibility for clarifying school rules as needed with parents and volunteers.